👋Hi, I'm Alex.

I'm a product engineer currently working at Croissant as Director of Engineering.

Here are a few things I've been working on recently.

I also write about things I build. Check out some of my recent posts.

  • Introducing Guaranteed Buybacks with the Croissant Chrome Extension
    11/12/2023173 views4 min read10 likes
    web development
    About 18 months ago I joined Croissant as Director of Engineering to help change the way we think about shopping. The stuff you buy has value beyond the point of purchase and Croissant's Guaranteed Buybacks ensure that your purchases retain their wor...
  • Server-Side Rendering (SSR) with Bun and React
    9/9/20236,157 views8 min read111 likes
    The much-awaited JavaScript Swiss Army knife, Bun, has finally released its 1.0 version, and it's a game-changer. If you're new to the scene, Bun serves as an all-in-one JavaScript runtime and toolkit, engineered for blazing speed. It comes complete ...
  • How We Scaled the Credit Genie Platform with AWS Serverless
    2/26/20221,352 views7 min read43 likes
    I was recently interviewed by Elise Greve of AWS about how we scaled Credit Genie from MVP to a full-scale platform with over 20 AWS Amplify applications. You can find the original article here. In this post I want to expand on some of the topics cov...
  • How to Trigger an AWS CloudWatch Alarm from a Lambda Function
    5/10/20224,212 views4 min read37 likes
    In this post, we are going to use the AWS CDK and TypeScript to build a Lambda Function that triggers a CloudWatch Alarm that sends an email when an invocation error occurs. All of the code can be found in this repository. Setup We need to run a few ...